Sunday, November 16, 2008

Introduction to Hassle Free Image Compression

You have arrived at help page of older version of Mass Image Compressor. 

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Brad Wilson said...

Great little program. Two things I'd love to see, one being searching subfolders and the ability to retain the original datestamp.

Apart from that, it does what it says, and is quick!

THanks alot!

Michael Collier said...

Nice little program but lacking essential features like:

1. drag and drop directories and/or files (access through explorer context menu would be great!)
2. saving preferences

+ annoyingly adds a "compressed" subfolder even if you want to just overwrite the old files


Paul Vanderschot said...

Awesome quick powerful, and free.

I actually came to this blog to see if there was a donate button as I don't like the thought of expressing praise without $ for really good products.

There are a lot of tools online that cost money and have greater setup time than this did.
So...Thank you.

Ezequiel Gonzalez said...

Thank you so much for this app, you have code for this app? i would like to collaborate to upgrade this funcionality, saludos desde Argentina.

Arthur Taylor said...

Hi, I'd like to announce your compressor to my list of subscribers.
I would also like to give them instructions in how to use it.(based on your diagrams and explanations)

I will also suggest they offer a contribution to you as the developer.
May I have you permission to do this?


Пелагон Громойло said...

Damn! It is FAST and good compression, but has one extremely annoyin bug that makes it simply worthless. IT KILLS METADATA!!! It removes exit and creator and stuff like that, so you have a nicely chopped, radically reduced image that lost extremely important part of it. Dang. I thought it is a keeper, but nope...

Yogee said...

New version will be released soon!! By next week. It will keep metadata and can compress directory recursively. :)

Yogee said...

Also, it is upto 80% fast compressor :)

Yogee said...

@Arthur Taylor, please contact me at gmail id "yogendarsinh"

Ramey Bush said...

actually a question - do I have to keep the VFS file that it creates - it takes up a large amt of space that I would like to be able to delete. Also, what about the compressed files, can those be deleted to save space? Thanks

MPRaven said...

Also a question. I realize this is a labour of love - and I love it, but are there any plans for making to do multiple folders while retaining the folder names and the compressed pictures in their proper folders? I just found your program and I think it is fantastic. It does exactly what I want it to do, apart from the above which can hardly be considered a major flaw!
Thank you very much. I checked out half a dozen programs this evening and none of them even came close!

Пелагон Громойло said...

Yogendrasinh thanks for update, fantastic proggy, fast as hell and compresses REALLY well.

Yogee said...

@MPRaven, current version allows you to compress all subfolders. With this option, all images will be compressed and same folder structure (and otherfiles) will be maintained without any change. Note that you should back all file before applying these option :)

dualaudi said...

I just wanted to give feedback. Testing tinypng, pngoo, MIC3.1 for filesize and quality.

MIC PNG files should be set at only 90% compression to match pngoo, and 75% to match tinypng.

Quality: I'm just not crazy about MIC PNG below 90%. I'm noticing more dithering than I would like with MIC. For now I still have to use 2 tools.

JPG IS AWESOME, very fast. But for PNG's I have to use an additional tool for now. In a crunch I don't have an issue with 90% compression - and LOVE that I can size down my files with MIC - you can't do that with pngoo or tinypng.

Yogee said...

@dualaudi , Thanks for the feedback. In my and other's extensive test, it is found that 90 to 95% quality for PNG images is best trade off between size and quality. When it comes to JPEG, ~80% is best. MIC applies algorithms of pngquant and OptiPNG to reduce the size. PngGoo also uses pngquant in background so you would see similar results.