Monday, October 17, 2016

Introduction to Hassle Free Image Compression

Click here to download Mass Image Compressor.

When do you need it?

Situation 1, Posting Images over Internet: You are just back for an exiting trip. You’ve just dump all pics from your camera to your computer and now you want to e-mail to you friend or Upload to your blog. Clearly, you can do that because of image size on the disk will be huge. This is because these images are optimized for clear printings and not for web postings. They are enormous in dimension and unnecessary high quality for viewing on computer monitor. You need software which can reduce quality and dimension. Most software available in market requires you to go to each image and compress them using that software. But with Mass Image Compressor it’s just matter of few clicks. Just give a folder address to the software and, if you want, give precise parameter about resultant quality, dimension of the image and output directory. All your images will be less in size in matter of seconds. And don’t worry, it doesn’t change original images unless you give input and output directory same.

Situation 2, Store to mobile device: Let’s say you have captured many images from your mobile. Mobile also takes images which are very high quality and big in size which you may want to see on your PC monitor. But it’s inappropriate to keep such huge images on you mobile keeping in mind the speed and memory of mobile processor, anyways you don’t see very “zoomed out” version on your mobile screen. Then why not transfer high quality images to your PC and let the mobile have small images? Here, the tedious part, compressing all images is what you can leave on the Mass Image Compressor and save your time and can get faster out of you phone.

Why Mass Image Compressor?
  1. It’s truly free. It’s published under GNU/GPL which is most popular for real free software. Source code is open to use under this license. If you share this software to your friend, you will not be called a ‘pirate’.
  2. Unlike other software, you don’t have to go to each image and say ‘compress it’. Just giving folder path (i.e. directory full path) is enough. Version 2.0 now supports recursive folder search and image compression!!
  3. Compress as much as you want. You have control over quality and dimension (i.e. Compression Parameters) of the resultant image. You can test your compression parameters by previewing an image. It also shows you how much % compression you may achieve.
  4. It compresses better than your favorite web album creating software. May be you could massage your images before feeding them to those kind of software.
  5. Supports wide range of images including most popular JPEG, BMP, WMF, TIFF, PNG. (Note: Compressed images will be in either JEPG or PNG based on your selection)
  6. No Spyware. After all, this is an open source software :)
  7. Easy to use User Interface without much complexity but yet powerful functionalities.

Where do I get it?

Download from SourceForge:

Download Mass Image Compressor


VAIBHAV3027 said...

Crap, i am the first to comment..

But dude you are awesome,You did a great job.

It was just what i wanted.

I had almost 600 images to compress,Thanks..

oh, you can visit my blog as well maybe you could find some useful stuff there.


MPRaven said...

I love this program! It does exactly what I want it to do... almost. It will do the compression exactly as I want, but I would like it a little more if it could compress multiple files within multiple folders and retain the folder names in the destination directory... or is it already possible? I am looking over the program and experimenting with it and I haven't found that yet. I have 40 years of photographs to work with and I dread reading in one folder after another (dozens and dozens!). Still, this is an excellent program and every bit as good as the commercial ones - not as fancy GUI but who cares? Only a twit worries about what the program looks like when it works perfectly!


GoDubaiGo Com said...

Image Compression works by reducing the amount of visible information. So whereas the original picture might be able to display 65 million colors, since the eye can not differentiate between anywhere near this number of colors the software is going through and removing colors that are not needed. The actual complexity of the algorithms is far more complex than that, and beyond the scope of this response. But the threshold (assuming I understand your context correctly) has to do with how the algorithm decides what information to throw away and what information to keep, and thus will affect the resulting quality and size of the image after compressions.

Kruttibas Sahoo said...

Best for me......... it saves many hours...

ve3meo said...

Have yet to try it but screenshot suggests that it does not enable the user to apply compression only to files above a certain size or to have compression objectives scaled to size. That is what I'm looking for.

hushpuppies said...

Great program - Does exactly what it should.
I'm missing only a feature like adding certain conditions to decide if an image is compressed or not.
For example "only compress if size is bigger than 2MB" or "only compress if resolution is higher than 1280x1024".
Background is, that I'd like to compress a network share with thousands of pics in many subfolders. Problem is, that those pics differ dramatically in size and resolution because they were taken the last 10 years or so.
So if I compress all images it works well on the newer ones, but wracks havoc on the old ones.
I think many people have this problem too, so it would be great if you would add this feature!

Thanks in advance :)

Jonas Svalebech Holm said...


I tried your program, and it works. But for some reason it gives a lot of my jpeg black backgrounds? Can I do something to prevent this? And why is this.

enumae said...

This program did exactly what it said it would.

Very nice!

Charaf Erraiss said...

Thanks for your awesome app.
If it could accept arguments it would the best image compressor ever (at least for me :) ). What I mean is something like this:

"C:\Program Files\Mass Image Compressor V.2\MICompressor.exe" -src "e:\image.png" -quality 70 -dst "e:\newimage.jpg"

In fact, In need this feature, to be able to use the app via keybord shortcut.


Jason Trotter said...

FAN-T-A-S-T-I-C software, thank you! I noticed that it is possible to compress images that have been compressed. There are good reasons for this, but I wonder if it might be possible to have an option to only compress images that have not already been compressed... this way user can keep running against the same folder and only compressing images since the last time it was performed. I see a file attribute in the compressed image (File Description Comments = Mass Image Compressor Co) perhaps that could be used to determine viability for compression.

David Senecal said...

I agree with Charaf, any command line available for this?

Heston Stein said...

I recently needed to reinstall this on a new computer and it says that I need 3.5 of net framework, but my computer has a much newer version and doesn't want to install the old version. Is there a solution so I can still use your great program?

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