Monday, October 17, 2016

Give Me Your Feedback

If you comment here what you want in the software, I will consider adding it next version.

What's new in Version 3 (current release):
1. Excellent PNG compression. Thanks to optipng and pngquant projects.
2. Better image resize algorithm. Image, especially PNG, looks better when dimension are reduced.
3. Live quality viewer when you choose folder to compress. It helps your to select correct compression parameters.
4. Added support to filter images based on size (greater than 'x').
5. Other minor fixes in JPEG compression to compress with optimum quality for images that are already compressed with Mass Image Compressor.
6. [Version 3.1 +] Saves JPEG more optimized and as "progressive jpeg" to load the image faster on webpages. It is important to many web developers (Thanks to JPEG-Turbo project)

Considering below for Version 4 (next). All may not be possible:

1. Right Click Compress. Try supporting right click to multiple images (to live upto name 'mass')
2. Bug fixes. Crash when monkey playing slider (quality and dimension) on slow machines. (Corrected in 3.1 Release)
3. If result is larger for 100% dimension, don't compress. (Corrected in 3.1 Release)

Future release:
1. Support WebP ? Problem: WebP is not very popular yet.
2. Support PNG Animation. Problem: PNG Animation is not supported yet by PNG group.
3. Easy "Actual" vs "Compressed" viewer. Complex UI when image dimensions are change. Any idea on how UI should look are welcome.


Youtube User said...

i will vote 2 & 3

Your software is awesome, better than any other soft compression image,

Thank you so much :*

Youtube User said...

i will vote 2 & 3

Your software is awesome, better than any other soft compression image,

Thank you so much :*

GoDubaiGo Com said...

Image compression works by reducing the amount of visible information. So whereas the original picture might be able to display 65 million colors, since the eye can not differentiate between anywhere near this number of colors the software is going through and removing colors that are not needed. The actual complexity of the algorithms is far more complex than that, and beyond the scope of this response. But the threshold (assuming I understand your context correctly) has to do with how the algorithm decides what information to throw away and what information to keep, and thus will affect the resulting quality and size of the image after compressions. By the way to use this free Image Compression Tool

Aravind Sitharth said...

i have large amount of image like 1.38gp total files,51 images . i try to compress it only compress.12 images.give me the solution of that

Dipanjan Kundu said...

No words to describe this great software. Just awesome, loved it. It helped me a lot. Thanks Developers <3.

Hermann Knabl said...

This is working really great! Thanks so much for making this awesome piece of software!

ww huang said...

It is really very helpful to me. Thank you for your selfless contribution!

Stefano said...

Excellent Mate, really spot on !!!

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

Stefano from Perth, WA (Australia)

Jeremy said...

Love your products, but do you have a paid option that does not include your watermark in the Comments value of the file details? "Mass Image Compressor Compressed this image."

I would like to use this tool for professional purposes but don't have time to go remove this manually from every file. Please email me if you have an alternative.

cleveralone said...

WOW, what a compressor software, really amazing result.

kembreg said...

Why did you delete my post?
I click "Compress all" on PNG files with the quality set to 10% and the files end up twice as big as before?
What am I doing wrong?

putty said...

can you add option to convert to webp?
Nowdays it is becoming more and more popular on the web and as well within the OSs.

And it allows suppertior compression.

Thank you!
Great Job!

Yogee said...

@kembreg I might have deleted by mistake.

Yogee said...

@kembreg, actually I read your post and felt I should add proper PNG compression. So, I delayed version 3 release to incorporate your feedback. Now the version 3.0 is release and it does much better compression.

Yogee said...

@putty, thanks for the info. Yes, I see that webp is great. I still need to do basic things like support via context menu etc. :) Once I am done with that, I will look into this.

Jordan Souza said...

Can you put an option to delete blank images?

Vasco Bela said...

Can you put an option to save preferences ? All times that i wanto to compress images i have to change %-Quality and %-size, it is not possible to save ?

Yogee said...

@vasco Bela, Sure. I will do that in next build. If I forget, please remind me :)

@Jordan Souza, I don't want to add many feature in MIC which generally people don't want to use. If you tell me what specifically you mean by 'blank image', I can give you some suggestion.

Kevin Shafer said...
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